[Support] I have some amazing suggestions to enhance the game, where do I send them?

You have some amazing suggestion to make the game better? We want to hear them!
Please direct your feedback and suggestions to whichever social media you prefer using, our Community Managers are always looking out for great suggestions!
We look forward to hearing what everyone comes up with!
Other ways you can reach us with feedback or suggestions is:
1. Click on Customer Service on the opening menu.
2. Or go to settings in the bottom right corner of your screen and then go to the personal tab. After which click on Customer Service to contact us.
3. Click on Tickets and then Start Ticket. (You can see all of your current and past tickets on this page if you have a support account).
 Fill out the information to the best of your abilities and send in your ticket. 
4. If you wish to just leave feedback in game, please reach out with the Feedback button in game (You must be at least level 25 to leave feedback). 

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