[Support] I haven't received a reply to my ticket yet?

If you have written in a ticket and it's been a few days with no reply, please double check the following options before you send in another.
1. If you have a support account, log in and click on Tickets and then Start Ticket. (You can see all of your current and past tickets on this page if you have a support account).
Check to see if there have been any replies. 
2. If you do not have a support account and sent in a ticket via email only, please check your email address as well as SPAM folder for any replies from Warpportal.


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nao consigo troca meu codigo pin de logar na conta porfavo entre en contato com migo
paulo willian dos anjos vieira (November 11 at 3:28 PM)
meu gmail e akon22e@gmail.com
numero e 31996225605

paulo willian dos anjos vieira (November 11 at 3:29 PM)

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