Ragnarok Online 2: Reinstall Game Client

Hello! For those who have returned to play Ragnarok Online 2 after a period of time, we please ask you to reinstall the game to prevent errors from previous patches.
The steps below will help guide you through the reinstallation process. Happy reinstalling!
Uninstall Ragnarok Online 2
1.    From the Windows Start Menu -- Select Settings
2.    From the Settings Menu -- Select Apps
3.    From the Apps Menu-- Select Apps & Features
4.    From the Apps & features Menu-- Search "ragnarok" to find the entry
    -- Select Ragnarok Online 2 - Jawaii

Other versions may be installed. Take care in your selection

-- Click Uninstall in drop-down menu
Wait for the Windows Installer to prepare
5.    To continue and complete the uninstall,
    - Enter the requested credentials
    - Click Yes 
Reinstall Ragnarok Online 2
1.    To install the game client (reinstall)

Visit playragnarok2.com 

2.    Click the glowing rock graphic DOWNLOAD HERE link

3.    Save the file Ragnarok 2 Download Manager
    Run the file Ragnarok 2 Download Manager
    Then follow instructions when prompted

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